What our happy customers are saying:

My whole family loves Pure Good Bars and I’m so happy my kids are snacking on something healthy instead of chocolate bars. I myself always have a Cacao & Orange bar in my bag ready to be enjoyed whenever I need to refuel between meals!

Are all Pure Good Bars vegan friendly?

They sure are! All our bars are free of animal products including dairy.

Does Pure Good Bars contain gluten?

There is no gluten in our bars. Pure gluten free zone!

Where are your ingredients sourced?

Our Raisins, Strawberries, Organic Bananas, Organic Orange & Organic Mint Oil are all Products of Australia. These yummy ingredients are joined by some equally yummy international friends: Cashews – Product of Vietnam, Dates – Product of Iran, Organic Coconut & Coconut Oil – products of Sri Lanka, Organic Cacao – Product of Peru, Chai Seeds – Product of Mexico, Organic Single Origin Coffee-product of Peru, Organic Goji Berries – Product of China, Organic Vanilla – Product of India, Organic Pea Protein – Product of China, Organic Activated Buckinis – Product of Nepal.

How come your bars have such a good shelf life?

The raw fruit sugars act as a natural preservative keeping the bars moist and yummy. Add to this our high quality packaging and you’ve got yourself one handy snack!

Are your bars suitable for diabetics?

Our bars contain no refined sugars or syrups and are relatively high in protein and fibre. However, each individual should consider their dietary requirements to ensure our product/s are a good fit.

What is so bad about glucose syrup and refined sugar?

The sweetness in our bars comes naturally from the raw fruit. However, most other bars use glucose syrup and refined sugars, which are like the rocket-fuels of sugar. They hit your bloodstream very quickly. This means they contribute to a quick burst of energy and an equally quick crash, which leads to sluggishness and increased appetite and cravings. We don’t want that now do we…

Are Pure Good Bars heated?

Pure Good Bars are cold processed meaning we never heat our ingredients. We don’t need to! Instead we perfectly blend our yummy ingredients into exceptionally tasty raw treats.

Do Pure Good Bars need to be refrigerated?

Only if you like the taste of them cold! Otherwise, leave them anywhere you tend to get hungry. Pure Good Bars have an 12 month shelf life, no fridge required.

I would like to place a wholesale order?

Please click on the tab ‘Wholesale’ for more information on placing a wholesale order.

Do you ship internationally?

If you would like to order our Pure Good Bars, but are not physically based in Australia, please contact us by email with your order enquiry.

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