About Us



Pure Good Bars

It all started with the quest to find the perfect snack.

We wanted nutrient-packed wholefoods, but we also wanted full flavours. We tried the options out there. Sure, it is possible to eat healthy snacks, but we felt something was always missing: that extra burst of pure flavour that transforms snack time into a good time. Life is too short for boring and bland food! That’s what Pure Good Bars are all about; giving your body the nutrients it needs to live your best life, without compromising on taste.


We are a young, up and coming company based in Sydney, Australia with a passion for pure flavours, superfoods and healthy living. We believe that life should be lived to the fullest and eating a healthy, balanced diet full of nutritious wholefoods is the way to go about it. With years of experience working in the hospitality industry we thought, why not create the perfect snack bar ourselves. We ended up mixing and matching and testing and trying the healthiest and most delicious ingredients we could get our hands on. We are talking superfoods and superflavours here! We ended up with three yummy snack bars full of flavour and nutrients that we can’t get enough of, feel happy to pack in our kids’ lunch boxes and are proud to recommend to our friends.


There’s plenty more to come! Pure Good Bars is our baby. We hope that it gets to grow into something great and spread the love of pure flavours and healthy living into the world. We will do our best to make it the best it can be. We want Pure Good Bars to be good not only for you, but good for the world as well and are continuously looking into ways to make this goal a reality.


We wouldn’t want to keep something as delicious and healthy all to ourselves now would we! Sharing is caring and we here at Pure Good Bars want to share the love that is put into each and every bar with you, yes YOU. We want to give you the chance to replace over processed foods with a pure, nourishing alternative and prepare to be happy! Now it’s up to you.

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