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What makes them so good?

Our snacks are lovingly made from raw fruits, nuts or seeds, then mixed and matched into handy snacks. With only a handful of ingredients in each Pure Good snack, you can literally see the ground morsels, and taste the squashed plums, dates & sultanas. All our snacks are vegan, Non GMO, gluten, wheat and dairy free with no sneaky sugars or syrups added.

Cold pressed not baked

It takes 35 minutes to make a Pure Good snack, from mixing all the yummy ingredients to packaging it into its flavour-sealing wrapper. Compare that to a processed, ingredient-laden, baked cereal bar that takes 6 times longer to make! Enjoying wholefoods is much better for the body and making them is better for the environment – Our snacks are good for you AND good for the planet!


Take a peek at each of our snacks and find out about our range.
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Cacao, Mint and Protein Crunch

Nice to mint you. The union of irresistible cacao and cool mint with added 18% protein crunch is genius.



Coconut, Banana and Chia Seed

Every day is a holiday, with this tasty, tropical combo. With a burst of banana mixed with luscious coconut, this bar is like sunshine for your taste buds.



Coffee and Cacao

Delicately flavoured, organic, single origin coffee beans ground and blended with exquisite cacao into one delightful piece of you-deserve-it.



Strawberry and Goji Berry

The amazing antioxidant power of goji berries together with juicy strawberries create a sweet, flavour fusion.



Cacao and Orange

Take the rich, chocolaty aroma of pure cacao, add a hint of orange, and you have yourself a bite-sized piece of heaven.


Yummy Na-Na Nibbles

This a-peeling mix of squishy Nanas and raw chocolatey cacao will send your kids absolutely bananas for the taste.

4.5 StarsLunch box friendlyVeganGluten free


Scrummy Strawb Nibbles

Scrumptious strawberries meet raw chocolatey cacao for a match made in natural snack heaven.

4.5 StarsLunch box friendlyVeganGluten free


Oooo-range Nibbles

Juicy oranges and raw chocolatey cacao combine for an irresistible little nibble.

4.5 StarsLunch box friendlyVeganGluten free

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